Contact information and training

Please contact Mark Colby for any help with this

319-883-5260 Please leave a voice mail and I will get back to you in the evening


BSA Youth Protection trained

ICS 100,200,215,300,700,800 and National Weather Service Spotter Trained.

Are you looking to help get youth on the air? Need some ideas for events for the youth to participate in? We have a list of events below to help you get started with. This may not be all inclusive, but a good starting point.

Here is a YouTube video from Dayton Hamvention this year with getting Youth interested in Amateur Radio:

Youth Protection Training

We are now asking for those that work with youth to get youth protection training . Once you have done the trainging, please email Mark Colby at


Jamboree on the Air - International Event

October 20-22

Work with ALL Scouts to get them on the Air to talk to other scouts with Amateur Radio.

School Club Round up

October 17-21

Make contacts with School clubs. Also Help get youth on the air.

Work with your local school district and see about establishing a club at one the schools in your area and help get the youth licensed.

Field Day for Youth

Field Day 2023 - June 24-25

Have a Welcome area with a Get on the Air Station for both youth and adults to get on the air.

Invite youth groups out to your Field day event. Schedule a time with different groups to show up. Use Field day as an outreach opportunity to connect with the youth

Are you looking some ideas for contacting youth groups already in existence? Here are some ideas.

  • Boys and Girls Clubs

  • BSA

  • Girl Scouts

  • 4H

  • Church Youth Groups

  • Stem/Steam groups/Robotics/Rocket tree groups

  • Trail Life Scouts

YOTA: Youth on the Air Contest

Youth on the Air contest

July 23