Iowa Section Contacts

Regular HF Nets:
VOICE 3970 kHz M-SA 12:30 & 6 PM CDT
VOICE (ARES) 3970 kHz SU 2300 UTC
VOICE 1974.5 kHz SU 9:30 PM CT
CW 3965 kHz DAILY 6:30 & 10 PM CT
DIG 3588.5 USB Olivia 8-500 TUE 7 PM CT

To Contact Section Staff:
email to:
Thanks, and we hope to hear from you.

Iowa Section Manager (SM)
Lee Garner, WA0UIG

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)

Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (ASEC)
Tom Bicket, AE0TB – DMR
Michael Hartley, K0IVY – Hospitals
Craig Hoepfner, W0CAH
Alan Kakak, KA0EQM
Mike Vititoe, K0ISP

Section Traffic Manager (STM)
Joe Hoepfner, AE5EI

State Government Liaison (SGL)
Alan Erickson, WB0OAV

Public Information Coordinator (PIC)

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC)
George Riedell, KE0RG

Section Youth Coordinator (SYC)
Mark Colby, N8TWO

Section Technical Specialist (THSP)
Michael Ihry, N5KB
Allen Jones
Dale Svetanoff, WA9ENA
Bill Theisen, WT0V

Award Manager/Card Checker
David Raymond, W0FLS
Glenn Johnson, W0GJ