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Updated 9-9-22

08/31/2022 ARRL Foundation Grants $270,000 to Amateur Radio Clubs


You Tube: ARRL Club Grants Webinar Tranche 2



Applications Accepted until 6/30/22

  • The ARRL has received a half million dollars in grant funding from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to provide clubs with the opportunity to do projects that enhance Amateur Radio in our communities.


  • This is the May4 ARRL Webinar recording on Club Grants that will answer your questions about the grants and how to apply:

https://www.youtube.com/user/ARRLHQ and the Webinar Slides PDF

  • Ham Radio 2.0 Jason Johnston, KC5HWB has a 12-minute video on how to fill out the application.:


  • Here are examples of some grants awarded (through ARDC not ARRL)


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Benefits of Club Affiliation with the ARRL

Having an ARRL-affiliated club can help your club with many aspects of both the life of the club, and with each member's amateur radio interests. Besides having access to mailing lists for reaching other hams and clubs, and referrals to your club of prospective hams -- Being an American Radio Relay League -affiliated club can also help to boost club funds; help your club obtain liability insurance for ARRL-sponsored events; help your club connect with neighboring hams and clubs; introduce your club to new resources, skills, and activities; and elevate your club to become a more valuable resource to your community.

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