Iowa SET 2022 October TBD


It's time to start SET 2022 planning. If you are interested in taking on a part of emergency communications planning at the state or district level please let me know. We will be supporting the county ECs and ARES groups and allow for individuals and clubs to take part in the SET. The SET will take place on a Saturday in October. There are a lot of ways to be involved so please join the team to provide a good training event.

Fill out this Form to indicate your interest: IA SET 2022 Planning Team Interest Form

Last year with the SET, we trained for Cyber Security awareness with how to prepare and respond when community critical infrastructure is involved. To summarize:

  • Always go to your Standard Operating Procedures, especially if the source or reason is unknown for an interruption in your community. This allows a standard and predictable approach to All Hazards.

  • Keep your information flow accurate and accountable (sourced first hand ground truth only) so that anyone listening for situational awareness does not have to sort out the rumors and speculation.

  • Keep awareness of unusual situations and report them accurately to your community leaders.

  • We need to add in – keep identifying information off the air; locations, personal identification, and some activities, to keep your community safe.

Remember, Amateur Radio is never in charge of the incident. We are support for situational awareness and message traffic. With the entire community listening, we have an exceptional responsibility to be professional communicators.

73, LGarner wa0uig, IA SM/SEC


A Simulated Emergency Test Resources